Structure and properties of refrigerants


Structure and Properties 

 Compiled by Rolando Delgado and Sergio Montelier 


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Designations and structure

Traditional refrigerants of CFC and HCFC groups

Structure and Properties of HCFCs

Alternative one-component refrigerants 

Alternative multi-component refrigerants of HCFC groups

Uses of HCFCs





Alternative multi-component refrigerants of HFC groups

Applications of HFCs


Alternative multi-component refrigerants of hydrocarbons



Phase Equilibrium of  Alternative Refrigerant Mixtures


Environmental Indicators 





This page is the result of the collaboration between the University of Cienfuegos and the New Brunswick Community College St. Andrews within the framework of the Refrigeration/AC project funded by the Canadian College Partnership Program (CCPP) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).


 Saint Andrews College, New Brunswick, Canada. January 17- 31, 2006.