Rafaela Pérez Marchena and Rolando Delgado Castillo are professors of the  Physics - Chemistry  Department, of the University of  Cienfuegos.  

During  30 years they have taught chemistry for engineering careers.   


Graydon Davidson is professor of  NBCC - Saint Andrews School, Refrigeration Division. He has collaborated actively in the development of this speciality in the University of Cienfuegos.

Sergio Montelier (to the right) is graduated of the Saint Andrews  School, and nowadays he is professor of the discipline of Refrigeration in the Mechanical Engineering Faculty, University of Cienfuegos.


Liuvob del Risco and Mario García are professors of Physics in the  Mechanical Engineering  Faculty of the  University of Cienfuegos. Both share the educational practice with the investigation in the field of the didactics of this discipline in the High Education.