Ozone lawyer depletion: Consequences

    ¿Which are the consequences of

the ozone depletion lawyer?


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The consequences are already important and they can end up being tragic. A considerable decrease in the layer of ozone implies a parallel increase in the quantity of hard ultraviolet radiation that reaches the surface of the Earth.

For the human beings the immediate consequence is an increment in the melanoms or skin cancers. The last statistics reveal that, for example, in the USA an increment of 5 000 annual cases has taken place, in a population that is around the 220 million inhabitants.

The National Academy of Sciences of the United States has predicted that a reduction of 10% in the ozone stratosferic could cause 20% of cancer incidence in the skin.

An excessive exhibition to the ultraviolet radiation has also been related with the suffering of different ocular dysfunctions and with the increase of the appearance of allergic and toxic dermatitis.

It has been checked that the immunologic system is depressed with the exhibition to the UV high frequency radiations, that makes more vulnerable especially to children and people of the third age to the illnesses for virus and bacteri.

Regarding the rest of the alive beings the incidence can be very diverse since the sensibility of the different species to this radiation type is not uniform.

Recent studies carried out at laboratory level have shown that species like tomato, corn, carrot or  beet exposed to this radiation increase the sensibility to the plagues.

It is predicted that long term the fitoplancton will be very affected what will overturn the alimentary chain in seas and oceans with disastrous ecological effects, and to medium term the population's reduction will diminish the yields of the fishing industry sensibly.

Among the animal species, it affects very seriously to the vision of the mammals and it can annihilate species like the fresh anchovy, the trout and others that are very vulnerable in state larvario.

Finally, it has been  checked  that diverse materials employees in the building, the communications, electric teams, as well as artificial fibers, plastics, rubbers and rubbers suffer a remarkable degradation of their properties and a premature aging for exhibition to the ultraviolet radiations.


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